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Hello, my name is Bob Ehrgott and I am the bass guitar player for The Fat Tones Rhythm and Blues band. I started playing bass when I was 15 years old. I played the bass for a few years and then I took up the 6 string guitar. I played guitar in a couple of different bands but I started hooking up with much better guitarists than myself. So what was the obvious thing to do? I went back to playing the bass guitar and have been very happy there holding down the deep foundation of “the groove” for the last 25 years.

I offer you a BIG welcome to our new website and an invitation for YOU to explore the world of The Fat Tones and Rhythm and Blues music! Share your thoughts about the band or any other music related topic in our blogs and posts.You can subscribe to a post via RSS or email and be instantly informed about any posts or topics that you want to be involved with (comment) or stay up to date. Just click on Blog in the menu and become a welcomed member of The Fat Tones Family!    Musically, Bob Ehrgott

  • Jay Sargent

    Dude…..just stopped in to say Hey…
    This is Jay Sargent… What’s happnin’ ??


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