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Bobby Patterson
Bobby Patterson Blues Guitar Thumb 1

Since their inception in 2002, this rockin’ blues trio has enjoyed a steady stream of success. After releasing six hit albums of original music and being recognized for multiple categories of regional awards, this band is very much one of the hottest bands around! Skilled guitarist Bobby Patterson leads the band with his world class talent and versatility. Ever passionate, Bobby exudes perfection and professional musicianship in every note he strums.

Next we have the backbone position of live music, bass player Bob Ehrgott. He effortlessly lays down the groove and contributes greatly to the bands’ vocals and writing.

Together these experienced artists create a symphony of sound that pleasure senses in every way. The Fat Tones play rockin’ blues style music that is packed full of harmonic melodies and fresh lyrics. Their act is danceable and fun, perfect for any venue from private parties to regional festivals. Jump on the bandwagon and hear this fabulous group today!

Bob Ehrgott
Bob Ehrgott Bass

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